It’s finally time to meet a lady botmaker, Hajnalka Hejja. She developed a unique concept for a bot that may make women’s life much easier.

Hajnalka Hejja

Hajnalka Hejja

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your role in the project?

I am Hajnalka, I am the CEO of Smart Health UG or as we are known in Germany, MediLad.

I am a medical doctor by education, I worked in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry before we started our company.

We develop a virtual health assistant for women who need advice and support on reproductive health topics to be in control of their life.

Our first product is Izzy, who is a cute little bird, sort of a virtual friend for young girls and women. She tracks the menstrual period and works as a pill reminder on Facebook Messenger.

We mainly focus on English speaking countries like the UK and the US, but as a German company we also release our product in German.

I personally experiment a lot with chatbot solutions, I also partially write medical dialogs for Izzy, and simply create the personal attributes of our bot through language.

What project did you work on using BotSociety?

When we started to think more about potential medical usage of chatbots, we instantly started up with Botsociety.

From the beginning, we have been constantly using your tool. We soon realised that use cases that we want to apply chatbots for are much more complex and challenging than a simple airplane ticket bot.

Our goal is to give more contextual understanding and more medically accurate content to our bot to be able to serve women the best way we can.

Why are you thrilled about chatbots? What do you find cool or simply useful about them?

I am fascinated about the fact that finally we are able to see how people talk to machines, at scale. We can learn about who we really are when we face no judgement from the other person, when we can truly express our feelings and doubts without caring about other people’s opinion.

We can repeat ourselves, as many times as we want, we can ask countless questions and bots will never get annoyed with us.

May this be unexpectedly honest or sometimes even scary, now we have the possibility to talk to thousand and millions of people, assess billions of conversations and learn from it. There will be no more barriers to get help when you face difficulties like in sexual or mental health.

Izzy, in the flesh!

Izzy, in the flesh!

Do you think it’s important to design your bot before building it? If yes, why?

Absolutely important.

First, using a conversational interface is not straightforward at all. There are no golden rules or standards.

You face difficulties translating all the things that you know about how to position something in a screen with a graphical user interface into simple words and conversations.

It is very challenging, and you need quite good language and writing skills. It has to be short but understandable, requiring an action from the users that they actually feel like doing after reading.

Second, when you put these conversations into formats, you have to be able to showcase your ideas and make the listener easily understand what would happen when you build that chat or conversation.

You need some good tools, like Botsociety, to brainstorm as soon as possible, share ideas and make changes. This is essential.

Is that Izzy, spreading its wings over a sea of badly designed chatbots? Just kidding! not every badly designed chatbot lives under the sea..

Is that Izzy, spreading its wings over a sea of badly designed chatbots? Just kidding! not every badly designed chatbot lives under the sea..

What is one thing that really worked well for you?

In our case, quick reply buttons, GIFs and emojis really work well in the chat. Most of the times this really does ease up the conversations and increases engagement.

What is one thing that didn’t work and what have you learned from it?

It is interesting to write this down, but the same thing: quick reply buttons in certain use cases caused actually lots of headache and misunderstandings with our users.

You really have to tweak it in every small scenario what would your user think if they saw these button together with that message. Sometimes quick reply buttons seem like an easy solution, but this is not necessarily true for every scenario.

Facebook Messenger bot UX

Thank you Hajnalka, and good luck for you present and future projects!

Thank you Luca, I am very happy to be featured on your blog as we use Botsociety on a daily basis. 🙂

Curious about Izzy? You may find her here


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