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Design, prototype,
test, and export

Design simple or complex interactions. Preview the final user experience with one click. Test with real users without having to build anything, and gather feedback. Then, export in video format, or directly to Dialogflow or Rasa.

“It's really useful to have a tool that allows you to create the decision tree, and also to have the design, the exact look and feel that you will have in your channel.”
Alexia Grassies, Product Owner Conversational at AirFrance-KLM

One-click preview

From an initial idea, to a prototype, and all the way to a fully mapped design. Botsociety is a complete conversation design tool. Prototype your initial idea. Then, flesh out the complete interaction on a limitless canvas. Use Botsociety at any stage of your conversation design process.

Test your prototype

How will users react to your chatbot or voice design? Please don't wait to discover it once it's already built. Use our prototype feature, gather feedback and make informed decisions before anything is built. Did we mention data? You can also gather data for your Natural Language Processing model.

Real-time collaboration

Please ditch that Excel file. With Botsociety, PMs can leave precise comments on a complete conversation map, and developers can leverage our API and native integrations. A conversational experience requires input from different teams and parts of your organization. Design. Collaborate. Ship.

Download videos, PDF

Presenting? No problemo. Generate a video file of your design with just one click. It also comes with a GIF for your presentation deck. You can also export a high-resolution PDF file of your paths.

Design for any platform

Botsociety allows your team to design for any type of conversational interfaces, on any number of devices. Is the only tool that allows your team to define not only the conversational design, but also the conversational platform features. Need new message types? Animations? A new device that does not exist yet? You can design it with Botsociety. Just create a preset.

“Forget about designing conversations on Sketch, Excel and Lucidchart, Botsociety is the no-code tool that designers are looking for.”
Conversation Designer at Walmart

Create and re-use design components

Create components that your team can re-use in their designs. Establish a conversational team library and keep your conversations consistent. Never design something twice, again!

Export: Handoff to engineering

Export your designs to the preferred format or technology that is used by your developers.
Rasa? We support that. Dialogflow? That too. And we can add additional integrations if needed. Your engineering team will love us. You can even use the Botsociety API to create custom integrations.


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