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How do you design a conversational interface?

Your users deserve the best user experience possible. This is why you designed websites and apps before developing them.

But what about conversational interfaces, like chatbots or voice assistants? How do you design an interface where people may say anything at any time?

how do you design conversational interfaces
Easily collaborate on your next chatbot

Dedicated to conversational design

This is conversational design as it should be.

Simply enter the messages you want your chatbot or voice assistant to say. Then type the user response.

You can get to a full video preview in 3 minutes.
Botsociety takes care of the apperance, the platform limitations, the preview, the export and the user testing.

One design, multiple platforms

Design for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Google Home or Alexa.

We have you covered in all cases.

Get your colleagues onboard and get everybody on the same page. Preview, comment, get your design signed off.

A chatbot design tool to preview different channels

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If you can use Photoshop or Sketch, you can use Botsociety. It is that easy.

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You are already designing.

Botsociety first testimonial

Botsociety empowers me and my team to create beautiful chatbot prototypes in a matter of minutes.

- Paris Zhao, Microsoft

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