Design chatbots and
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Think Sketch or Figma,
but for conversation design.

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2,850,000 messages designed

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Design for anything conversational.

One tool to rule them all. Any chat platform, any voice platform. Are you working on your own custom experience? You can do that as well.

Finally, a generic, abstract design solution for conversation design. Master it, and you can design everything.

Beyond prototyping.

From an initial idea, to a prototype, and all the way to a fully mapped design. Botsociety is a complete conversation design tool.

Prototype your initial idea. Then flash out the complete interaction on a limitless canvas. Design every small detail of your conversational experience.

You can leverage Botsociety at any stage of your conversation design process.

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Real (time) collaboration.

Please ditch that Excel file. With Botsociety, PMs can leave precise comments on a complete conversation map, and developers can leverage our API and native integrations. A conversational experience requires input from different teams and parts of your organization.

Never lose anything. Comment. Review. Share. Coordinate. Design. Ship.

Handoff to engineering.

Import and Export your designs to the technology used by your developers. Rasa? We support that. Dialogflow? That too. And we add an additional integration every month.

Your engineering team will love us. You can even use the Botsociety API for your custom codebase.

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As an AI consultant, I lead multiple Intelligent Chatbot solution pitches and projects.
Botsociety empowers me and my team to create beautiful chatbot prototypes in a matter of minutes

Paris J. Zhao

All the features that you expect from a design solution.



  • Drag & Drop
  • Undo & Redo
  • Inline editing


  • Comments
  • Read-only share
  • Give edit access


  • Instant one-click preview
  • Create interactive prototypes
  • Mobile preview


  • Export video or GIF
  • Automatic flowchart generation
  • Export PDF, Excel of your flowchart


  • Design for your app or website
  • Customize message types
  • Upload your designs and AA animations

Hand-over to engineering

  • Define your metadata
  • Export to Rasa, Dialogflow, Azure
  • Integrate using our API
Collaborate and share your chatbot design

Create conversational magic

Make your design process more efficient and effective allowing you to design conversations with purpose. And it’s only one click away.

850,000 messages designed

and counting

The future of A.I. needs more culture and creative people involved. This is for you.