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Chatbot specific design features

Chatbot preview and prototype

Quickly build a high-fidelity preview of your next chatbot or voice assistant

It takes just 4 clicks, no explanation needed.
Choose your platform, write down a couple of messages. Click Play. Vualá

Your chatbot will go places

Design freely on any type of platform. Prototype a Messenger chatbot, or a productivity Slack bot or voice assistant with Google Home and the Google Assistant

We add a new platform every 2 weeks, so stay tuned for Alexa, KIK, SMS and more

A chatbot design tool to preview different channels
Easily collaborate on your next chatbot

Collaborate, share, test your next chatbot

Add your team members and collaborate on the same chatbot mockups.

Share or show your mockups to potential users, customers and coworkers

Export: Get the idea before your chatbot is online

Getting a video of your user interaction is just 1 click away. Wheter you need AVI , MP4 or GIF , we have you covered

You can also export in Excel. You now have all the tools to get your customers or collegues on the same page

Export different formats of your chatbot
Use a powerful chatbot API

Your chatbot API

Changing the way your bot talks once is live has never been this easy. Your dev team is now able to programmatically get the content of your chatbot. So if you want to change one word, you won't have to go through the deploy process again. You will never keep that outdated copy more than 30 seconds! Check out the documentation. Like Node? There's a NPM package

User test your chatbot

Once you designed your conversational experience, it's important to test your assumptions. Will the user interact as you expect? Is the design optimized?
It's now extremely fast and easy to perform user testing with hundreds of certified testers from custom locations and demographics. Get feedback in an hour, iterate and deliver the best user experience possible

User test your chatbot with Botsociety
Collaborate and share your chatbot design


A chatbot is a virtual assistant that can lead a conversation, either via voice or inside a chat interface. It can be used for marketing, lead generation or customer support purposes. It can be designed to accomplish a specific goal, while being able to carry a conversation in a human-like manner. A chatbot can be identified as a conversational interface. As such, it will need to be designed.

Learn conversational design

Learn how to design when there is no colour but a personality. Take advantage of our tutorial suites, videos and courses. We have poured what we know inside our product and in our blog. Forget padding, you will be able to use pauses and choppy words!

Learn conversational design using our tutorials

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